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Day 10 – Entering Germany

The cross over to Germany was noticeable in the change to the cycle infrastructure. After cycling through Holland there is rather a large difference – still better then what the UK calls cycle ways though.

First Warm Showers hosting – a very friendly family who make you feel like you are one of there own.

Day 9 – trailer breaks again

Last night in Holland, just about got the site where I planned on camping and the trailer broke again. This time it was one of connecting arms – time for some serious luggage rearrangement.

Fortunately a nice big bin near the site so the trailer went in there along with some luggage.

Did come across an unexpected shrine of remembrance (I think).
A Shrine of Remembrance

Day 8 – A super little camp site

After been unable to make arrangements through warm showers found a super little campsite called De Noten Wei – a very nice family run site, along with normal showers, none of this purchase a token for 5 minutes.
De Notan Wei

Day 7

While having a late breakfast/early lunch met a person who had hosted Raphel & Petra – I appeared to be a talking point 🙂

Tried o make arrangements via Warm Showers later on for tommorow, but with the short notice and it been a Friday everybody appeared to have to things already planned.

Day 5 – Trailer repairs

Managed to bodge the trailer enough with zip ties and bungees to get it out of the forest. A helpful person from a nearby cafe took me down to car repair place where they managed to weld it back together.

Still dumped some of the stuff – got to figure out more to get rid of.

Day Four – more cycle tourers

Heading towards the Austerlitz Paalkamperen and meet up with a couple heading back home to Switzerland.
Joined up with them until the campsite – first they had heard of these in Holland

Raphel & Petra preparing to depart
Raphel & Petra preparing to depart

When moving the bike around at the site it appears that getting there was the last straw for the trailer – it had broke. serious gear rearrangement time.

Third Day – Tweaking & Shopping

Resting up at a campsite to tighten center stand – doesn’t like this bike too well. Readjust bar tape on one handle bar as it’s come loose.

Trying to reduce the amount of bulk, I had dumped half the clothes before setting off initially, now dumped another lot along with the biolite charge kettle (freebie from work) that won’t charge stuff anymore. Thats a bit of wieght and bulk reduced.

Tried to do a bit shopping, unlike the UK just about everything is closed on a Sunday in Holland, just have to buy some once I set off in the morning.

Second day in holland

Second day in Holland and ended up at a campsite so I can spend the next day making a couple of bike tweaks and figureing out what luggage to get rid of.

At sea and first day in holland

At Sea 1
Offshore windfarm attempt 1
At Sea 2
Offshore windfarm attempt 2
At Sea 3
Offshore windfarm attempt 3
Entering Port
Entering port

Attempted to take some piccys of the offshore windfarm – managed to make it out of Amsterdam eventually, got a little confused.

The cycle paths are taking a little getting used to after riding in the UK only, priority to cyclists is a new thing for me