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Day 26 – Feeling the effort from yesterday

First thing first, cashpoint then a shop.
Started heading towards another site from the shelter app, legs feeling the effects of the push yesterday so looked around for campsite. 1st one was another of those nonbasic sites from the shelter app, 2nd one was on the gps but was a picnic table and bench so ended up at city campsite at Aabenraa. Spending two nights so can look around a bit, and try to find a new dry bag to replace one where the clip has broke, and a pair of cycling shorts as the weather is continuing to be sunny and warm.

Day 25 – into Denmark

Pushed on a bit (for me anyway) and made it into Denmark. Using the Shelter app on the phone for a place to camp. 1st one no water tap/pump, 2nd one was not one of the basic campsites, 3rd one had a tap but it wasn’t working. Gave in and just had enough water to get through to the next day, the fire pit was handy and a nice little campfire made the evening better.