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Day 40 – 73

Day 39 – Just in Copenhagen

First things first – a launderette.
Found one using google so heading there first, turned out to be cheaper than using hostel facilities and available.

After the washing can’t come to Copenhagen and not go to see the mermaid, and nearby monuments.
Momument to Something

The Little Mermaid

Day 38 – On to Copenhagen

Booked into a hostel for a couple of nights, gives the ability to fully recharge powerbanks & batterys and have a good shower.

Wondered why the front light kept coming on, adjusted the waterproofs, then the bar bag to make sure they didn’t hit the switch but it still happened. Turned out the USB cable I had going to the phone was the issue – at least it was something nice and cheap.

Day 37 – Popular shelters

The shelter I headed to near Roskilde turns out to be very popular. A group of families where there, with three of the adults and three kids satying overnight. Put the tent up just off the side and had an enjoyable night with them.

I must be carrying a lot of luggage as they couldn’t believe the bike on the morning. 🙂

Day 36 – Train ride

To get to the next shelter site had two choices
1) A ride on a train
2) an extra 150km
Decided on the train. Checking on the net it turns out in Denmark you just have to buy an bicycle ticket to take your bike with you as every train can carry them. A lot better then UK.

Day 33 – New waterproofs and ouch

First things first, stop off at outdoor store to buy new waterproof over trousers, and also managed to find a medium sized gas canister.

A few K away from the site for tonight ended up turning onto a gravel road, bars yanked hard on some of the gravel and made the muscle in the side a lot worse. Need a couple of days to let it settle.

Once at the site, the first time I laid down it took me nearly 5 minutes to get back up.

Day 32 – just riding enjoying the sights

After having a rest day to try and let the muscle recover at least a bit, just rode along enjoying the weather and the fact I’m here.

Day 30 – First little incident and first puncture

Crossing a bridge on the cycle way squeezed past this scooter, cut it a little close to the barrier and one of panniers caught. Managed to get the foot out and down before a complete fall but have pulled a muscle just under the the lower right rib.

Then a bit further on, just as it starts to rain the rear tyre goes flat fortunately a couple of meters further on is a garage with a shelter for air and vacuum pipe, allowed me to change the inner tube out of the rain.

Day 29 – Finally a tin of curry

Had been feeling like a tin of curry to cook up for a while, finally managed to find one in a Spar supermarket. At the site for the night, boiled up the rice then opened the tin, hadn’t realised it had rice with it – still managed easily to much my way through.

The site had great views, but not much else. A bit noisy for a while as a nice day and locals where out enjoying the weather.

Day 28

A couple of cycle tourists from Berlin arrived at the campsite last night, met up with tham again along the road.

The place from the shelter app tonight was good, a couple of little huts so no need to set the tent up along with a toilet and water. Early morning thinking the only thing to make it better was if the grass was a little shorter, lo and behold at 8:30 someone was out cutting the grass 🙂