Day 16 – Another hut

Took a quick picture of a couple of he trikes while leaving the camping area.
A couple of the trikes & riders

Decided to try another hut tonight. This one had a cycleway/path running just in front of it. So up early in the morning and have eveything packed before the first runner of the day passes by.

Day 15 – moving on

Looked at another shelter for the night, too close to houses and very exposed. Heading to nearest campsite on GPS and it was more like a hostel. A group of Trike Riders where hold the semi-annual meet, with the bad weather there was still space.

Another friendly group – the language barrier caused a few chuckles.

Day 14 – Finding a bike shop

Nearest bike shop was in Ankum, they had overshoes – yeah.
Riding the bike without luggage showed how effort shifting that lot about is – speed was about 5mph higher today.

Day 13 – a lazy day

After seeing the snow this morning, climbed backed into the sleeping for a bit and had a very late start.
Decided just to find a nearby campsite, and spend a couple of nights there. Gives a chance to ride around a bit looking for a bike shop for new overshoes, mine have fell apart.

While looking for an ATM had a nice view of the a fountain and church.

Day 12 – Cheeky sleeping

Found a nice hut away from houses, decided to spend the night here. Cleared out some of the rubbish that had been left by previous users, now cleaner than when I arrived.

Day 11 – Just a general ride

While heading to a cafe for a coffee came across a nice little shelter – decided to make my own and enjoy the view.

Handy place for lunch

View from the handy place for lunch

Day 10 – Entering Germany

The cross over to Germany was noticeable in the change to the cycle infrastructure. After cycling through Holland there is rather a large difference – still better then what the UK calls cycle ways though.

First Warm Showers hosting – a very friendly family who make you feel like you are one of there own.

Day 9 – trailer breaks again

Last night in Holland, just about got the site where I planned on camping and the trailer broke again. This time it was one of connecting arms – time for some serious luggage rearrangement.

Fortunately a nice big bin near the site so the trailer went in there along with some luggage.

Did come across an unexpected shrine of remembrance (I think).
A Shrine of Remembrance

Day 8 – A super little camp site

After been unable to make arrangements through warm showers found a super little campsite called De Noten Wei – a very nice family run site, along with normal showers, none of this purchase a token for 5 minutes.
De Notan Wei

Day 7

While having a late breakfast/early lunch met a person who had hosted Raphel & Petra – I appeared to be a talking point 🙂

Tried o make arrangements via Warm Showers later on for tommorow, but with the short notice and it been a Friday everybody appeared to have to things already planned.